Dress Codes Decoded: Office Holiday Party

December 20th, 2011 by Trademark Image Consulting

Oy! The questions that whirl around this question each year – and the gossip that happens afterward! For work parties, I follow two simple rules:

  1. Remember that the first word in ‘Work Party’ is work. Yep, this is a test of your ability to combine a fun, festive attitude with your professional reputation
  2. Simple and elegant are King (or Queen)!

How to Dress:

Aim for an outfit that upholds your professionalism while express a bit more of your personal spark than you might on an every day basis. Choose rich jewel tones, tastefully shiny textures, luxurious fabrics, and special touches (clothing or accessories) that can mix in well with your best suit or office wear to ‘pump up’ the holiday spirit while remaining work appropriate. 

How Not to Dress:

Avoid obvious cleavage (excess of 2″) and plunging necklines, super short hemlines, super jangly/noisy clothing or accessories, and any clothing item or accessory that might also be found on a Christmas tree, holiday pet costume, car, Santa’s elf, or exotic dancer. Guys, though the dress code may be social, avoid your weekend or Club wear.


*Remember: this is a prime time to shine in a social context!  At the forefront of your mind should be the opportunity that the party presents to strengthen your personal connections with colleagues and managers, so take advantage of  this party as a chance to continue to build network and build business relationships! Have a fun!

For the ladies

 Earrings: Ziba
: Swarovski
Shoes: Andiamo Sublime
: Warehouse
: Nina Ricci
Blazer: Topshop
: Cutler & Gross
: Marc Jacobs

For the guys

Polo: Peacocks
: Boss
Gloves: Cumbria
: Church’s
Sweater: Old Navy
Pants: Polo Ralph Lauren
Blazer: Moschino
: Ted Baker
: Burberry Brit
Watch: Raymond Weil

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