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Match how you feel on the inside with how you appear on the outside! - Tamara Glick

One of the greatest goals we have is to feel recognized and appreciated for the unique person we truly are.

You know what you want to say, even if you can’t readily access the way to express it. We help to uncover your authentic style so you can get to what you truly want to accomplish – confidently.

Be the star in YOUR life!

Our services help you to be the star of your life by providing the right pros to help you to present your most authentic self, reduce stress and confusion, and let you focus on what’s truly important in your life.

We develop trusting relationships, supporting and challenging you to new levels of success as you discover the fulfillment of knowing that what’s happening on your inside, matches what people see on your outside!

Do these statements sound familiar?

  1. I can’t find clothing that ever really feels comfortable.
  2. It’s impossible to get dressed.
  3. I hate shopping for myself.
  4. I don’t know what to wear (again) so I just won’t go (again).
  5. Black. It’s the only colour I know that’s fail-safe. Black, black, black!
  6. I wish I knew how to handle this work event. I don’t want to slip up.
  7. If I have to figure out how to pack for one more trip @#$!
  8. My closet is stuffed and nothing goes with anything.
  9. I just can’t wear jeans/sweaters/blouses/clothes.
  10. We can, and would love to, help you getting over these slumps and into your own Trademark Style!

About Tamara Glick, MBA
Associate Member, AICI

Individual Consultation, Corporate Training & Dress Code Development, Professional Speaker, Image & Style Media Expert.

Tamara has been helping her clients develop distinctive, authentic images for over 15 years, answering the age-old questions "What should I wear?" and "Why?" Combining her background in Communication, Fashion, and Image with her corporate experience in Advertising and Marketing, Tamara brings a unique and multifaceted skill-set to Image Consulting.  An active member of the Association of Image Consultants International, Tamara currently serves as a Vice President for the Toronto-Canada Chapter.

Frequently called upon by the media as a trusted Image & Style Expert, Tamara has appeared on Breakfast Television, CBC Metro Morning, CBC The Great Northwest, CHUM 104.5 FM, The Globe & Mail, Sun Media, Elevate Magazine, Toronto Today Magazine, as well as numerous online resources including MSN/Sympatico and Canoe.ca.

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